Thursday, October 25, 2012

Raising Confident Children

As you may or may not know we will be welcoming the newest member to our little family in March and we couldn't be more excited. But with all this excitement there is also a slight (actually large) bit of fear. Why fear you may ask well for starters we are going to be new at this whole parenting thing and making our family of 2 (well 3 if you count the dog) into a family of 3 (or 4 again including our mangy mutt) will be quite the adjustment. I have been thinking and planning because that is what I do best all the time about how different our lives will be. There will be no more "quick" stops at the library or making only one trip to and from the car. My mantra will be crushed
                        Two trips are for pansies.
Seriously I will carry everything in the car from the grocery store in one trip just so I don't have to go back out there again. The hubby thinks I'm crazy but hey I have stuff to get done. I don't want to waste time running back and forth from the car a million times when if I balance everything just right I can make it in one trip. And besides with it getting cold the less I'm outside the better for all. Anyways.... back to where I was before I had my little tangent.... raising this child is going to be the hardest most rewarding thing we will ever do in our lives but not only do we want our child to be strong and faithful in the gospel we also want them to be confident in themselves and know that we have confidence in them. But how do you accomplish that?

I have pinned many many articles from pinterest about raising confident children and so far this is what I have concluded from my research.....

1) You must be an example of a confident women first.
             If you want to raise someone confident then you must do the same. How can we expect our children to do the things that we would like them to do if we don't show them first. They must learn from us. So be confident in yourself first. Read my thoughts here.


2) Help cultivate a relationship with her father or another trusted male figure.
             Words cannot even express how important my father is to me. I love my husband more then words could ever say but my father still has a special place in my heart. The relationship my father and I have is one that every child should have. Cultivate meaningful relationships with your children.

3)Use positive affirmation and actions constantly! 
              We all feel good when someone gives us a heartfelt compliment or encouraging word or action. Granted we have the power to choose how that makes us feel and what we glean from it (More on that later) but ultimately it is so wonderful when we are praised. Studies show that positive parenting/positive feedback has a greater  effect on children and their self esteem.

5) Communication 
              Communication early I feel has a huge impact on how we create relationship with others and how willing we are to allow others words to form our lives. Being open in communication with feelings and how words or images affect us is something I wish that I was better at but I am working on it.

6) Know who you are and the royal family you came from
               I feel as if the greatest help to me in being confident in myself (for the most part) is knowing where I have come from and where I will be going. I know that without a doubt my Father in Heaven Loves me. He wants me to be successful and return to him. I know that I am a Child of God. My royalty is far behold and rubies or diamonds because of who my Father is. I know how special his daughters are to Him because of the way that he treats his tender loving wife and my Heavenly Mother. Have I always had this confidence in my Father in Heaven know. There was a time in life where I didn't know who I was and if I was going to be able to make it through another day. I was in a bad place. I look back now and know that without that experience in life I would not be the woman I am today but it still saddens me that I got to that point of such disrespect for myself. I'm not perfect in my confidence by any means but whenever I start to feel bad about the woman I am and what I may look like or my weight I remember that those things are very small compared to the love Heavenly Father, Husband and Family unconditionally give me.

My favorite Movie.... A Little Princess

I hope that those reading will find in themselves the strength to become a more confident father, mother and parent to those around them. Check out these websites for a place to start.

Here are a couple cute books on being confident as well


Also check out this awesome video.... Just makes my day

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