Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last night Jordan and I decided that we should go 4-wheeling for my dad's birthday with his 4-wheeler's.... but my dad decided that he wasn't going to go. Jordan and I had a blast. We rode for a good little while and made it to the top of City Creek. It was absolutely beautiful.

Gotta love the butt grab :)

A little hazy from all of the fires that we have had recently.  Pepper was so wore out by the time we made it to the top that she just plopped down.

Jordan made her stay on the back of his 4-wheeler for a good bit to try and help her out but she didn't like it to much. She stayed on for a little bit but then jumped off. ( Not while we were driving of course).

The day was great until the 4-wheeler Jordan was on wouldn't start. To make a long story short.....Jordan coasted down the mountain...behind me. It was a little scary. I pulled him up the parts he couldn't make up by himself. We make a pretty good team if i do say myself. I told Jordan that as soon as we got home and  told my dad bout the 4-wheeler not starting he would be able to start it and sure enough he got it to start.  
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

LIFE Lesson

Be careful who you share information with....enough said.
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