Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guess What.....

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

as of lately

Well it is official Jordan will be..... Interviewing with the Idaho State Police at the end of this month. Hopefully he is able to pass the PT test and then continues on with the rest of the hiring process. He is really excited because he wants to have a take home vehicle and the awesome guns that come with it. But really what man doesn't like fast cars and gun power. I have not met any man that doesn't, But that is probably because Idaho is so redneck!

The only down side of this opportunity is the fact that we may have to move! YIKES! I don't think I'm ready to pack up the house and get it ready to move! I feel like I just did that. Which  I did. But I guess we will jump that bridge when we get there. I think it would be really exciting to move somewhere else but it will also be sad and present it's own challenges too. But either way I'm very proud of my husband. He has been the only one from the Jail that had passed the written test to even get an interview. He is one remarkable man! I'm so grateful that I married him. I don't know what I would do with out him.

In other news I will be starting to teach dance classes at the beginning of September. If you are interested in taking classes click here to find out more information. I'm kinda excited because I get to teach a mini dance and cheer class. Now like I mentioned here I'm not a true cheerleader but with my two years of Bengal Dancers I learned how to cheer like nobody's business. So hopefully I get a great turn out and I'm able to have a successful class year.  I love teaching dance classes those little kids are so much fun. The stories they tell and things they say just melt my heart! Our little kids are for sure taking classes! LOL
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