Monday, October 8, 2012


Ever since getting pregnant I have had some really weird dreams. Now I don't remember any of these dreams but I do however remember the feelings thy induced upon waking up. For about a week straight I woke up furious with Jordan. I have no idea why I'm so furious but man was I mad at him. I would wake up and just want to scream at him but I don't know what I would say seeing as I don't remember what made me mad in the first place. After these wonderful dreams (ok maybe not wonderful) I had a dream that was so terrifying that I woke myself up crying. I thought for sure that Jordan would be awakened by my crying but he slept right through it. Last year I had a terrifying dream that caused me to wake Jordan up. I guess he is not so much of a light sleeper anymore.

So to top things off last night I had two crazy dreams. Which to my surprise I remember. The first went a little something like this...

I was in the park which just so happened to be Alameda park (park around where I live) where there is a pathway the runs along the outside of the park and huge trees line the path. In my dream I was running from something or someone but instead of running I was jumping like a squirrel or monkey from tree to tree. Now I have to admit that is pretty awesome right! I would not just barely jump I would take leaping bounds from one tree to the next flying through the air. It was pretty cool. Sadly this dream ended due to the fact I had to go to the bathroom. So as far as who was chasing me, why and how long the chase lasted, those questions will still remain a mystery  (almost like a good book but not quite)

Dream number #2

After using the bathroom and tossing and turning for another hour to two hour or so I finally fell asleep again (it was well after 4:00am). In this dream I was flying. I would bounce of the ground similar to the other dream and fly high up into the air not having anyone or anything holding me down. I didn't have to flap my arms awkwardly nor did I have wings I could just fly. Now looking back on the dream It kind of reminds me on the disney movie.....

This is such a cute show if you have not watched it yet you missing out. The love story in it is so cute but the humour is even better The story goes to follow an old grumpy man who lost his wife and is now being kicked out of his home. He fills his home with big ballons so that he can take his precious belongs to paradise. In the process he meets a dog that can talk, a cub scout boy doing his good deed,  an extinct animal. Very very cute movie it also has a bad guy like every other disney movie. Anyway.... coming back from my tangent this last dream didn't last that long because again I was awoken by my full bladder telling it was time to get up. I don't know where I was flying to or why but it was pretty cool to be able to fly. Maybe one day i will be able to.

Has anyone else had crazy pregnancy dreams or just crazy dreams in general? Please share with me!

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