Friday, February 21, 2014

Hidden Motives- When innocence is lost to young

Alright people, I have had enough!!! This search for hidden meanings in basic principles is driving me crazy.

With the recent release of the Disney movie Frozen there have been multiple ploys as to what the movie is about, what does it really mean, what is it teaching our children, and are there hidden agendas with in the movie. All I can say is why are we even looking for deeper meaning when the real meaning is blatantly obvious??

Isn't the movie about unconditional love? That love can conquer all things?
This post is not meant to be about frozen. (although it is a very cute movie and needs to come out on video soon so I can buy it!) It is about finding deeper meaning.

Sometimes I feel like we go through life looking for all the hidden meanings when all we really need to do is go back to the simple and basic principles. We focus so hard on trying to define everything and figure out what is the meaning of an orange when there really is not meaning, it is an orange plain as day. We live in a society that always feels as if there are hidden agendas. That orange is not an orange. The orange has a hidden message. It says that we are all going to get sour and become bitter when we get left on the counter or maybe we will all become round because we eat to many oranges. (try explaining that to a child) What a bunch of bologna!! ( ha ha that is a funny one) That orange didn't mean all that. It is simply an orange. It is there for us to eat and enjoy not define.

That is how many things are in the world today. They are simply there for us to eat and enjoy. The basic principles are here for us to eat and enjoy.  Now i'm not saying that there is never a time and a place to dig deeper but not everything is that way. Sometimes there are only the simple messages that appear and there are no deeper meanings. Sometimes all we get are the simplistic details. But we forget to look at them.

As adults we try to define when we need to look through with the eye of a child. That 6 year old singing let it go at the top of her lungs is not thinking about breaking free and not having any rules to live by she just wants to sing and pretend that she is the princess in the pretty ice castle with the dress with snowflakes on it. Her innocence is her beauty.

May we all take a step back and let our children be little. Let them see the beauty and wonder of the things that Disney can create for them. Lets not let their innocence be lost too soon. They have their whole lives to dive deeper into meanings. They need the magic to help them through this crazy world we live in. They need the basics. They need to know they are loved and needed. They need simple.

We all need innocence and simplicity!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Top 10 of 2013

I finally got around to posting our family top 10 from 2013...So enjoy!

10. A week after Evangeline was born and Jordan left for training, the furnace went out
9. Caitlyn quit her job only to go back 6 months later (they begged me to come back)
8. Sending my brother on a mission to West Virginia Charleston
7. Becoming Debt free
6.Traveling to San Diego for a wedding and baptism
5. We DONT have to move
4. Bought a new 2011 Subaru Forester  aka a Family car
3. Finding out we are expecting baby #2 Aug 2014
2. Jordan got a new job as a State Trooper
1. Evangeline Mary was born on March 18th
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