Monday, November 14, 2011


So Jordan and I decided it was time for us to grow up and be on our own cell phone plan. Really it was cause our contracts were up but we decided that we were goin to get we did. So far things have been great. All I have to do is text Jordan and he comes walking in from the living room for dinner. Pretty great system right. iPhone's are pretty dang cool if I say so myself. I am typing this blog post from my phone. I have been able to put everything I need and don't need right on my phone I have an app for my to do list, my groceries, the ensign, the scriptures, blogger, pinterest, Facebook, email, find my friend which allows me to see where my friends with iPhones are and guess what I got them all for free too! The guy at the sprint store didn't think That we could get anything for free but guess what we did! So far the phone is pretty awesome and I really like it. Keep posted to see if my mind changes. Pin It

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mrs. Idaho America

Well im back to reality and the daily things in life. I had a fabulous time the Mrs. Idaho America pageant this last weekend. I didn't win any awards but I did get to meet many wonderful women of Idaho. Doing this pageant helped me more then anything. I was finally able to have my moment on stage where it was just me. I honestly felt like such a queen on stage. It was so neat to be able to walk down that run way and know that I am beautiful. I even walked out on stage in a swimming suit. Which even for me is hard. Over all the pageant was a wonderful experience and I had a great time. I wish that the outcome would have been different but it was not my time. Here is a list of the awesome stuff that I got just for doing the pageant.

Sweedish Fish
Scrub Sponge
Detox Spa Salts
Lip Gloss
Compact Mirror
Crown Compact Mirror
STYLE Keychain
STYLE Nail Files
STYLE Hand Lotions
Weiser Candy Chocolates
Portable lip Balm
Nail and Cuticle Conditioner
Body Drench Shampoo and Conditioner Sample
Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner Sample
Two Pens
Crown Notepad
Gift Certificate for Rodan and Fields Dermatologists
Coconut Body Butter
Coconut Salt Scrub
Crown Keychain
Crown Earrings
I am the cure keychain
Micro-Dermabrasion Paste
Miche  Purse
Bath and Body Works Lotion
Crown Ring
Harley Davidson looking Bracelet
Pampered Chef Pumpkin Dish
Breast Cancer Awareness Patch
Pampered Chef Cake Tester
Pampered Chef Recipe Book
Redken Heat Style Sample
Redken Color Extend Shampoo
Redken Color Extend Conditioner
Redken Texture Paste
Bosley  Hair Moisture Masque
Bosley Shampoo
Bosley Conditioner
Bosley Thickening Treatment
Bosley Thickening and Volumizing Treatment
O.P.I Nail File
BIOMEGA Volume Foam
2 Mrs. Idaho America Shirts
Polka Dot Bag
Hand Sanitizer
Arbonne International Foot care package
Breast Cancer Necklace
Mrs. Idaho America Trophy
Mrs. Bannock County Banner
Program Book
Husbands Ticket for Event
$25 Waxing Gift Certificate
DVD Of the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant
Fee Wavier for 2013 Pageant

Some pretty awesome stuff right!  Pictures to come later but you can click on this link and it will take you to the photos of the event. Thank you to all of my wonderful sponsors who helped make this journey possible! I love you all~ 

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mrs. Bannock County soon to be... Mrs. Idaho

Well Saturday is the big day and I'm getting very excited. I will be competing for the title of Mrs. Idaho. I know to many pageants seem like such a silly thing and that they are a waste of time and money but I can honestly say that they are not. I'm not saying that I didn't have to spend money or find time to practice but what I am saying is that it is well worth it. Many people have asked if I am nervous but I cant really say that I am. I have doubts as to if I will compete well and measure up but I'm not afraid of  the stage. I have been on the stage for many years and I really like it! The interview as me a little up tight but who wouldn't be. I will be sitting in front of someone whom I have probably never met and they will expect me to talk and act like the next Mrs. Idaho. Now the thrill of knowing that is pretty awesome but as most people do we ALWAYS wonder if we will measure up to the past Mrs. Idaho's. But I have confidence that if I'm chosen as the next delegate for the State of Idaho I will meet expectations. I may do things a little differently and have my own little corks but, I know that I can do it. I know that I can walk out on that stage and do my very best and that I will walk with elegance and stature and provide a smile that is genuine and true. I know that I can walk into the interview looking like the queen just missing her crown. I know that no matter what happens win or lose I have a wonderful husband (and puppy that is more then willing to help me type) that love me and think the world of me. My biggest goal, aside from winning the title is to help others see what positive thinking and confidence in ones self can achieve! All it takes is one little step at a time first its complementing yourself on one thing you are proud of every day even if it is that you put your shoes on the right feet. Then it grows to looking in the mirror and saying one nice thing about your body that you actually love even if it is that silly stretch mark that looks like a lighting bolt. And finally it hits you that no matter what you are loved! Heavenly Father loves us more then we could even imagine. That is why we truly are all queens in his eyes. He knows and see our potential and we just have to take the beer goggles of and see it for ourselves as well. We all have someone in our families that love us as well. A mom, daddy, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, grandpa, HUSBAND or even the dog, cat or goldfish love us. We are all loved! We are all special children of God and we all have great potential to many great things we just have to believe in ourselves. Show ourselves who is the boss! I am in control of my life  and how I look at each day. Only me no one else!

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Trying but it doesn't seem to be noticed

I came home this morning wondering why do I even try. I wake up in the morning I arrive on time. I listen to what is being said. I don't think that I over step my bounds, I follow the directions that are given me yet I still get the look of death and the glare of unsatisfactory performance. "Mommy" sweeps in to take over because things do not go according to "Mommy's" plans and what she does. Why is it that when I all I want is for everyone to succeed and achieve their very best I am shut down and belittled? I have been here from the start and showed my willingness to participate and learn from the best yet at every turn there is a curve ball thrown across the plate. I was loyal for years and this is how I'm repaid?! That doesn't seem very Christ like to me. But enough about that on to bigger and better things.

So as you know Jordan has been away from training and so far every week that he has been gone wrong and broke.

Week 1
 The light in the bathroom went out only minutes after Jordan left. Seriously MINUTES?!

Week 2
The dryer after drying 3 or so loads decided it was done drying my clothes and needed a break.

Week 3
The check engine light in the truck decided to make and appearance for the world to see. Come to find out it was just a miss fire and nothing can be done about it.

Week 4
The light in the hallway went out and is still out. No more night light for Caitlyn when it is scary at night.
The check engine light appeared again for a second debut.

Week 5
And here it is day 2 of week 5 and nothing had happened (knock on wood). Granted I leave for the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant on  Thursday so we still have a little time but seriously Jordan can never leave for an extended amount of time again.! NEVER!

What a month! 
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