Monday, January 31, 2011

Just For Fun

I promise to send something hand-made to the first five peope who leave a comment here. You must in turn post this on your blog and send somthing YOU make to the first five people who comment on your post. The rules are: the item has to be HANDMADE and must be sent to the five people sometime in 2011. So do it! I can't wait - this could be so fun!
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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well here it is... Nationals is only a day away. It is crazy to think that tomorrow I will be there. It will be warm and nice compared to Idaho. Last night was a huge success at the Farewell Performance. It was very full and there were many many people there. Our dances look awesome and Coach said that we did great. Unfortunately Jordan wasn't able to come cause he had to be at a meeting for work which I was supposed to attend....OOPS!! :) I'm nervous for nationals cause I don't want to have my hopes up and have them dashed like they were last year. But we will see what happens. I hope there is no drama but being on a team of girls there is always drama. Hopefully most will be able to keep it to a minimum. But that is sometimes a joke! Wish us Luck!!!Pin It