Wednesday, January 18, 2012

House Update

Here is a little up date about the house. We had Jordan and my father, Jordan's Brother Jared, and Gary Ruchti come and do an inspection for us. The house is in tip top shape. Electrical wise it needs to be updated but the sellers have agreed to do all that for us. (thanks to American Electric (Jared)  for the help on that). The gas furnace is "Old but clean" as Gary puts it. It could possibly be the original to the house but I don't think so. We will be looking to get a new one in the near future. Other then that the house is is really really good shape. I think anyone who came to see this house would be surprised at how nice this house is for being so old. Lyle( Jordan's dad) walked around the whole house multiple times and found maybe one or two cracks in he foundation! Talk about a lucky break for us!   The windows will need updated so that they are more cost efficient and green you could say but in all honesty they are really good windows. No drafts from what Jordan could tell. 
Here is a picture of the outside of the house
See those bushes in the front..... spiders live in those and those will be taken out ASAP!
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

We Just bought a house... Kinda

Well it is official Jordan and I put an offer on a house and it was accepted! :) We have been looking for a house since last summer. I bet we have probably seen 75-100 houses in the whole time we have been looking. Check out our difficulties in finding a house here. But at last we have found a house. This house is not exactlly what I wanted in the updated department but when I walked in the front door.... I KNEW IT WAS MY HOUSE! I know I know that sounds totally crazy but it is true! I knew that with out a doubt it was the house that I wanted to put and offer on. Here is a little info on the house.


Beds3 bedBaths2 bath
House Size2392 sq ftLot Size0.25 Acres

Year Built1959

Property Features

  • 1 stories
  • Kitchen
  • Master Bedroom is on Main Floor
  • Basement  partially Finished, with a Family Room Fireplace
  • 2 fireplaces

  • Hardwood floors

 The house also has new carpet through out and underneath it has beautiful wood floors. The fireplaces haven't been used in a long time but we might just change that.
We don't move in for a little while but when we do I will give and update here with pictures.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Catch Up

Here are some events that happened this last year that we captured on the camera. Take a look at what we did!

A trip to the Fair 
These guys were just tied up back behind this big tent. I'm not really sure if we were supposed to go back there but we did anyways. 

I didn't want to touch it. I thought that it might move or something.

Getting Ready for the Demolition Derby to start

 Jordan let me get this awesome feather! I LOVE IT! 

 This is a family in our wards car. That is who we went to go watch. To bad he got stuck and was not able to advance to the last round. 

Dance Class Halloween Party
I went as Mrs. Bannock County of course

This is the huge spider that was on our window one day this summer! Thankfully it died before it could have babies! It is huge! 
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The Horse Tail

A couple of days ago Jordan and I went on  a horse ride with Timothy Downey. That right we went in the middle of January! Usually riding a horse in January is not the smartest idea. It is always freezing cold the ground is frozen and snow covers most trails. But not this year. It has been unusually warm in the good old state of Idaho. We have had temperatures in the 50 almost 60 range. Granted that is not really that warm but compared to the negative 20 we normally have 50 is looking pretty dang good. Here is a couple pictures of proof. 
Sorry they are a little bit blurry I was taking them while riding on the horse.

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