Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Well I decided that every Thursday I was going to give my two cents on anything and everything. I figured it would give you the reader something to comment on and ponder throughout the weekend.  I apologize now if I can't make it every Thursday but I will try.  Now as a for warning these thought I have will be many and are only MY thoughts. It is pretty much the world according to me. Please comment to your hearts content and enjoy....

I'm a Mormon, I know It, I live It, I Love It- Ann M Dibb General Conference Oct. 2012
Now let me start out by saying that General Conference was great and I was able to listen to all the sessions. Of course there is always a couple talks that stand out to me and make me think. In the first saturday session Sister Dibb gave this Talk. At first I was really on board with the talk but as she continued on I became frustrated and confused. She talked about being a mormon (if you haven't gathered it yet... I'm Mormon) and how we are supposed to exemplify the teachings of Christ and not be ashamed of the religion.

Now, I'm all for this concept but I'm confused as to where the line is. At what point do we stand up for what we believe in is it going to far? My confidence in the church and it's teachings has no limit. I love the church and love my Heavenly Father and the Savior but I don't go proclaiming it to everyone that I meet and forcing my beliefs on them. To Me ( again only the world according to Caitlyn) this statement,
 "I'm a Mormon, I know it , I live it, I Love it", is similar to shoving it down my throat that you are Mormon.

I feel the same way when I see anything pertaining to one's religion whether it is good or bad. Do we really need to stand at the grocery store and yell our beliefs for all to hear? Has the world become become so far from what religion teaches that we must use bold proclamations to show our love for what we believe? I know I live in a region where there are many members of the church. (There are also many members of other churches as well.) Has this great abundance of members tainted my view of what Not being ashamed really is?

Now let me make this clear I don't care what race, color, religion, short, fat, tall, skinny, purple hair or green that you are or have you are still  a son and daughter to not only the King in Heaven but also to your family here in the earth. You are a mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter to someone who cares very much about you.You are important to someone. I see you as you. We may not agree on things and have different views of the world but your opinion still matters.

Sometimes I feel members of the church have a "God" like attitude when it comes to others who don't believe the same things that they do. They have little tolerance for others and quickly jump to the conclusion that they are a bad person because they are different. This thinking unfortunately causes much contention. When I here this statement, all I hear is i'm better than you and I know it.

So where is the line? How do I get over this feeling of inadequacy in such a simple statement? I'm not ashamed of the church and I love it with all my heart but I'm confused! Can anyone Help?

 What do you think about this statement? 
"I'm a Mormon, I know it,  I live it, I Love it."
Please post your comments and thoughts.
Until next Thursday. 

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