Thursday, December 26, 2013

It didn't hit that I made my baby: till just the other day

So the other day I was watching my sweet daughter pull off all the books on the second row of the bookshelf for the hundredth time when it dawned on as I watched her give me that devilish grin after she emptied the shelf that I made that cute little monster. every tiny tiny detail about her, my body made. Her hands were a product that I created and her feet were too. She is growing more and more into a toddler with each and every passing day. and her body continues to grow and she continues to learn.

when we first had her I was totally consumed with everything else that was going on in life (read about that here) that I forgot to realize what I had made and accomplished.What a powerful thing to be able to do as a mother. I was able to give my child every little detail of her body and mind that she needed. Now her personality that came from her father (I Love you babe!) Im in awe at the miricle that I created. Im so grateful that she has blessed our family with such love. She is such a fun loving spirit and Im so excited for what the future holds and for the chance to have my daughter as a best friend!
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taking Stock

So I found this idea from this blog Reece's Pieces who got it from this blog who got it from this blog. I thought that it would be fun to do and maybe make a habit out of it? What do ya'll think? 

 Making :  A Christmas present for my husband that I got from this website The Dating Divas( I would put the actual page but I dont want my husband to see)
Cooking : Chili for a work Christmas party in the crockpot!
Drinking : Water I cant  get enough of it lately

Reading:  Blogs that I need to catch up on for the last 9 months
Wanting: it to be Christmas so that I can watch my baby girl open her presents ( which means play with the boxes)
Looking: for ways to save money  

Playing: with my new Iphone 5C I LOVE IT!
Wasting: Lots of time on pinterest
Wishing: It could be February
Enjoying: My new furniture and subaru
Waiting: for it to be clock out time at work today
Liking: Justin Timberlakes other half of his new  CD
Wondering: What the future holds
Loving: Driving an all wheel drive vehicle in the snow

Hoping: To complete my goals for this next year
Marveling: At how much my daughter has grown and learned in the last 3 months
Needing: A nap
Smelling: my perfume Dolce and Gabana
Wearing: Jazz pants  a cardigan and boots (my go to winter look)
Noticing: My Lack of volume in my hair
Knowing: that I am a Child of God
Thinking: Im ready for a nap
Feeling: Hungry very hungry
Bookmarking: Primary chorister blogs
Opening: animal crackers (my snack since im hungry!)
Feeling: ready to take on the world...after I get a nap of course

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Monday, December 16, 2013

New Year Resolutions

Well it is that time of year again. Christmas is almost here and right around the corner is the new year. I have been thinking a lot about what I should work on for this next year because heavens knows I have a lot of things to work on. There are so many things that I would like to do to improve myself. Here are just a few
Daily scripture reading
Daily Prayers
One Conference talk per week
keep a better house

and the list goes on. But here is my problem I want to do all these things but I find that I run out of time everyday. Between working full time a baby and a husband my time is not my own. Even when I wake up before everyone it never fails that the little one wakes up early that day.

In exploring blog land the other day I came across this post called How a busy Mom can read her scriptures on This post opened my eyes!!!

 I always thought ok when the baby is down for a nap I will read or when the husband is at work I will study a talk but that is not what they need to see. They need to see a mother/wife that is improving herself not just hear about it. I cant not believe that I didn't think of this before. So my goal this year is to become the person that God wants me to be.
Because Im a list maker here is how I will accomplish this task

1. Wake up and write down my goals for the day!
2. Dont be to hard on myself
3. Read with my Husband/daughter
4.Make it a priority- cleaning can wait
5. Ask for help from above and those around me
6. Let my family SEE the mother that I want to become

I also found this lovely a couple moths ago and wanted to start doing this as well. it is called What moms need from It is a list of weekly goals that a mother should have and remember! I decided that that would be a good start to my week to read a goal and incorporate that into my life as well. Want to join me?

What is your goal this year? How are you going to accomplish it? I would love to know!
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Window Wednesday 3

Falling asleep after hunting

Christmas toy maybe?

Naps at the office with mom

Falling asleep sitting up watching shows with mom and dad

Family Time

She always has to have a soft blanket to fall asleep any other blanket will not work

Daddy giving her her first bath 

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday on a Friday

As I sit here holding my little blessing from above I cant help but realize at how blessed I truly am. Thanks to facebook and the world of everything being on the internet I, like everyone else, facebook stock people. Now I dont do this for the intent of finding out dirty secrets or maliciousness I merely want to know what makes those people that I have considered friends through social media who they are today. What has caused these people to be the persons that they are. Many of my friends have had their fair share of trial and tribulation but they also have had their happy endings and unconditional love. It amazes me those who can take a bad situation and make it wonderful. How they can see the good in everything. This last year has been quite the ride. Many days I felt like it wans't worth it to continue on the the way things were. So here is the story of this year....
Well lets start before just a little  bit. In July of 2012 we found out we were expecting our first.

 I was over the moon with joy and so excited because I had been waiting for this moment for years and we had been trying for almost 2 years. Things continued normaly until my husband decided that he wanted to change his profession a little bit. I thought why not. He was pursuing his life  long dream and I was ecstatic for him. Well no sooner had he started he was offered a job and found out that he would be gone for 6 months. That brings us to this year 2013.

My wonderful husband left for Boise in January. And I started the crazy hours of tax season 7 months pregnant with out a husband at home. The first three months were pretty easy. I was so busy working 10-12 hour days that it didn't really hit me that my husband was gone and he also was able to come home every weekend. In the middle of march my husband had one week off. That's right only one week. That just so happened to be the week of my due date. As scheduled, I was to be induced on monday and the hubby to leave Saturday. Everything went according to plan. Evangeline Mary graced us with her presence at 2:12pm (which is my birth date). Labor was great things went well and she was healthy. But keeping her body temerature was an issue. But if you know me you know that that is nothing out of the ordinary....I'm always cold!! After 2 days we went home and started our new life together as a little family.

This is the first family picture we had taken.
 I didn't want the typical shot of mom in the bed with dad standing next to the bed
 and the baby in their arms because
 i'm just a little vain I didnt want a picture of me looking
 like death warmed over as my first memory as a family.

Death warmed over picture... I hate it but here is proof I had this baby LOL

By this time things were not as I had planned. This little creature that I made had high bilirubin levels and had to be on the lights. This meant she was to be attached to a machine that provided light to her body all day everyday.

 And Dr. appointments every day to draw blood from her little tiny foot. I was exhausted. In trying to let my husband get the sleep he needed before he had to leave for three months to do the most physically, mentally and emotionally draining training he has ever done I stayed up with the baby all night and with her all day. I slept on this little tiny love seat

 or the floor so that the machine, that was not quite mind you, was not in the bedroom so that the daddy could sleep. The worst day in or marriage came on Saturday when this man that I love had to leave me for almost a month before he could come home. He left me with a newborn baby who was not getting better and may have to be hospitalized if things didn't start looking up. He was not able to call or text me once he was there and to top it all off I was headed back to work because they needed me there and were drowning in work.

Now I must say here that I'm not super women as many may think. I am a regular woman who wants the best for her family and is trying to strive to live as Christ would.

Now back to the story.... after he left I just sat there crying wondering what was I going to do next? The days went by and things started to slowly get into a routine. This little baby of mine that was so small was the biggest power of love and help that Heavenly Father knew that I needed. He knew that I needed her as much as she needed me. There were many nights where I would rock her to sleep and just look at that little tiny face and cry because she was my solace and she was my comfort in time of need. She was the one things that I could hold on to when there was nothing else physically for me to grasp at. She was my rock since my husband was gone. Fast forward a couple weeks and things started to slow down and become the new normal. The new normal of seeing daddy only on the weekends for a couple hours each day while I worked through tax season with baby in tow. We made life work for the time being and we were able to press forward with faith knowing that things were going to work out some how and that we would make it through.

I look back now at this experience 8 months later and I can truly say Im so thankful that things happened the way that they did. Heavenly Father knew that I needed to prove to myself that I could take care of things all by myself and put the needs of my husband and baby before my own. I relied on Him so many times to provide comfort and peace and reassurance that I could do anything when I put Him first in my life.
Now working full time and so thankful for the time that I got to spend with my baby all by myself and that we have the relationship that we do.

She is my world and I love her to death and I love my husband to death because distance really does make the heart grow fonder. Now you know my story and why I am the way I am. Hopefully this will help you to see what makes me tick and what this experience has done for me.

 May we all be a little kinder to those around us and realize that the're fighting a hard battle too and that God is molding them into the person that He wants them to be little by little, trial by trial and blessing by blessing.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Window Wednesday 2

Sitting up all by herself

bruise from falling off the bed

Football for Uncle 

ISU Game

General Conference Fun

Snuggles with Daddy 

Scratches from Grammys House

Pizza Monkey Bread Dinner 

Playing in the leaves


First Big Girl Bath

Playing under the piano like mommy did when she was little 

Daddy putting her to bed

Look where her hand is


Rambo baby headband

First Time in the swing

Aunt Candice Birthday dinner

Feeding the puppy


Pepper sleeping with the stuffed animal puppy
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