Friday, December 31, 2010

To the ones whom thought they were forgotten!

So I decided to visit my parents tonight and see how they were doing since their neighbors tramp decided to take flight onto the porch. Well this is what I heard upon arrival...Carson says "So why am I not on your blog? The dog is!" And then my mother say something to the effect that I forgot about them.... Well I didn't forget about you guys. You just... well... don't have anything exciting in your lives happening that over rules mine. But the flying trampoline rules as being cool enough to be mentioned on our blog! :) The damage is not to bad and can easily be fixed. It is a good thing that there were no cars parked in the driveway. They probably would have been smashed. I find it pretty funny that my parents live in town and not on an type of hill. Just a flat road yet still the wind managed to carry the trampoline over the fence to hit the porch and then from the porch over to the next fence. Man you gotta love IDAHO! Snow in July gale force winds that produce flying trampolines and then rain in December. I think I need to move somewhere where the weather stays about 90 degrees all year round.

Now for the best part.........EMBARRASSING PICTURES OF CARSON!

Such a cute flower girl!

Being taken down by his YOUNGER brother!

OK So I don't have that many of him and he really is a stud and a handsome young man but still a little brother and pain in the butt!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Photography Fun

So I have been experimenting with photos that I have taken or my friends have taken. I know it is pretty amateur work but it is still fun. I'm taking some photography classes this next semester and I'm so excited. I hope to be able to start a small photographic business.

Right After we got engaged

Jordan will be such a good daddy

Rexburg Temple

Bengal Friends

After winning at Nationals

Isabelle I just love her face here!

Me and my sisters

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well Christmas was so so great. We got to spend time with family and spend time together. Since Jordan has started his new job it has been a little different trying to find time to spend together. Nights are the worst because when he is at work I'm sleeping and vice versa! But hey it is not to bad it is a job and I'm very very grateful for that. So I was browsing facebook and saw a blog posted by a friend and I just thought I would share the message she had...
She talked about how taking care of an apple tree is hard work and but rewarding work. She noticed during a bad storm one single apple holding in for dear life while the storm raged on and the wind blew. She likened this to how we as Latter-Day Saints must be. We must be valiant and strong despite the raging winds of the adversary dragging us down. I'm so glad that I read that little story. I really needed to read that and remember that even though things are very crazy with Jordan's new job and I'm sometimes very scared left alone things will be OK. I WILL be protected.Pin It

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Nutcracker

I have finally broke Jordan. I got him to go to The Nutcracker with me this year. He really didn't want to go and almost got out of going due to a lack of planning on my part. But we went and Jordan stated that it wasn't to bad. He only wished that he would have been able to read along with the story while it was going on because he didn't understand the story plot. Ha ha! I thought that is was wonderful. I wish that I would have persisted in trying out for The Nutcracker. I would love to have been able to experience that but I never was allowed the opportunity. I have decided that this summer I would like to take a Pointe class because I have never taken Pointe and I have aways wanted to. I know it is probably crazy considering I'm married and a little to old to be taking a beginning Pointe class but I think it will be fun and I cant wait.
To make things even better our picture was taken while we were at The Nutcracker and put in the paper a few weeks later. Everyone asked how I got Jordan so say yes and come with me. The truth is I didn't have to beg and plead. He is such a wonderful man. I love him so much. He is so so good to me!Pin It


Well it has been a while so let me update you....

Jordan's job has been great. He LOVES IT!! I don't love the swing shifts but what do you do. He always has some great great stories. Man some people are pretty stupid. We had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed spending time with Jordan's family down in Utah. I even went shopping on Black Friday! Man was that an adventure. People amaze me at what they will do for a material item of want. Jump up and down scream and clap just cause the doors open..... are you kidding me? WOW that is kinda ridiculous... but I did get to use the experience as a project for Anthropology. Which I got an A on!

After Thanksgiving came and went finals decided to take precedence over everything else except for dance that is. But I passed all of my finals and I was lucky enough to pass all my classes. I was just a tad bit worried about a one class.Pin It

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Has Fallen

Well it has snowed now the last 3 days off and on.... Can we say cold!!! YUCK! So not very fun. The roads are very slick and not very safe to drive on and after last years spin out I'm not to sure I want to drive anymore. But I did accomplish something to day... I that is right I, shoveled the whole driveway all by myself. No plow on a 4-wheeler or anything but a good old fashioned shovel and got it all done in an hour. Was I tired of course but it was a great accomplishment for me seeing as I didn't think that I could do it.

I think it is time to play the LOTTO! Jordan is on a winning streak. First, he got a phone call with an offer for a new job, which he accepted, then today he shot and Elk! This means we will actually have meat this year! Man a married a good man.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Awesome Possum

So we had a wonderful weekend. We invited our families over for apple cobbler! It was so so yummy but it took almost an hour longer to cook because it was so cold outside. But it was still wonderful. My husband is a great cook. Jordan got a new calling on Sunday and now is a teacher. Get him in some good practice for when we have kids right! I think so. Jeff and Carrie thought that we were announcing something when we had everyone over for Cobbler. ha ha ha not this time.

So Jordan has another interview with is potential JOB!!! We are so excited. Maybe we will actually be able to start buying things for our house like a couch, dresser, TV or maybe even have a kid! Man would that make me happy!Pin It

Friday, November 5, 2010

The weekend

Finally it is Friday. That means no more school no more dance. I get a break! Man how great will that be. I only have Laundry to do, dishes to do, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, and the list may even continue on. But hey I like that stuff. I would much rather clean then sit in class listening to a professor talk. Most of the time I think they just talk to hear themselves speak. Other times I think they try to hard to grab your attention and get you interested in their subject of interest when in all actuality you are just taking the class because you have to.
But anyways.... so we are still waiting for the call from the county in hopes that Jordan will get a job! Man I hate the waiting game. Seems like it takes way to long! But hey what do you do? Jordan has done really well though at being patient which is great! He is proving to be more patient then I am in this matter. Oh do I love him! He is such an excellet Husband! I mso lucky! Today I left him a little suprise note with post it on the wall! I thought it was a very clever idea.( The post its are arranged in I Love You fashion) I even left a note written on the post it's! Man am I good or what?Pin It

Thursday, November 4, 2010

So I decided I would see If I could do this whole blogging thing. My sister in law has such a cute blog so I thought It woudl be fun! So I guess we will see how things go.Pin It