Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well Christmas was so so great. We got to spend time with family and spend time together. Since Jordan has started his new job it has been a little different trying to find time to spend together. Nights are the worst because when he is at work I'm sleeping and vice versa! But hey it is not to bad it is a job and I'm very very grateful for that. So I was browsing facebook and saw a blog posted by a friend and I just thought I would share the message she had...
She talked about how taking care of an apple tree is hard work and but rewarding work. She noticed during a bad storm one single apple holding in for dear life while the storm raged on and the wind blew. She likened this to how we as Latter-Day Saints must be. We must be valiant and strong despite the raging winds of the adversary dragging us down. I'm so glad that I read that little story. I really needed to read that and remember that even though things are very crazy with Jordan's new job and I'm sometimes very scared left alone things will be OK. I WILL be protected.Pin It