Friday, December 31, 2010

To the ones whom thought they were forgotten!

So I decided to visit my parents tonight and see how they were doing since their neighbors tramp decided to take flight onto the porch. Well this is what I heard upon arrival...Carson says "So why am I not on your blog? The dog is!" And then my mother say something to the effect that I forgot about them.... Well I didn't forget about you guys. You just... well... don't have anything exciting in your lives happening that over rules mine. But the flying trampoline rules as being cool enough to be mentioned on our blog! :) The damage is not to bad and can easily be fixed. It is a good thing that there were no cars parked in the driveway. They probably would have been smashed. I find it pretty funny that my parents live in town and not on an type of hill. Just a flat road yet still the wind managed to carry the trampoline over the fence to hit the porch and then from the porch over to the next fence. Man you gotta love IDAHO! Snow in July gale force winds that produce flying trampolines and then rain in December. I think I need to move somewhere where the weather stays about 90 degrees all year round.

Now for the best part.........EMBARRASSING PICTURES OF CARSON!

Such a cute flower girl!

Being taken down by his YOUNGER brother!

OK So I don't have that many of him and he really is a stud and a handsome young man but still a little brother and pain in the butt!

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