Thursday, December 26, 2013

It didn't hit that I made my baby: till just the other day

So the other day I was watching my sweet daughter pull off all the books on the second row of the bookshelf for the hundredth time when it dawned on as I watched her give me that devilish grin after she emptied the shelf that I made that cute little monster. every tiny tiny detail about her, my body made. Her hands were a product that I created and her feet were too. She is growing more and more into a toddler with each and every passing day. and her body continues to grow and she continues to learn.

when we first had her I was totally consumed with everything else that was going on in life (read about that here) that I forgot to realize what I had made and accomplished.What a powerful thing to be able to do as a mother. I was able to give my child every little detail of her body and mind that she needed. Now her personality that came from her father (I Love you babe!) Im in awe at the miricle that I created. Im so grateful that she has blessed our family with such love. She is such a fun loving spirit and Im so excited for what the future holds and for the chance to have my daughter as a best friend!
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