Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taking Stock

So I found this idea from this blog Reece's Pieces who got it from this blog who got it from this blog. I thought that it would be fun to do and maybe make a habit out of it? What do ya'll think? 

 Making :  A Christmas present for my husband that I got from this website The Dating Divas( I would put the actual page but I dont want my husband to see)
Cooking : Chili for a work Christmas party in the crockpot!
Drinking : Water I cant  get enough of it lately

Reading:  Blogs that I need to catch up on for the last 9 months
Wanting: it to be Christmas so that I can watch my baby girl open her presents ( which means play with the boxes)
Looking: for ways to save money  

Playing: with my new Iphone 5C I LOVE IT!
Wasting: Lots of time on pinterest
Wishing: It could be February
Enjoying: My new furniture and subaru
Waiting: for it to be clock out time at work today
Liking: Justin Timberlakes other half of his new  CD
Wondering: What the future holds
Loving: Driving an all wheel drive vehicle in the snow

Hoping: To complete my goals for this next year
Marveling: At how much my daughter has grown and learned in the last 3 months
Needing: A nap
Smelling: my perfume Dolce and Gabana
Wearing: Jazz pants  a cardigan and boots (my go to winter look)
Noticing: My Lack of volume in my hair
Knowing: that I am a Child of God
Thinking: Im ready for a nap
Feeling: Hungry very hungry
Bookmarking: Primary chorister blogs
Opening: animal crackers (my snack since im hungry!)
Feeling: ready to take on the world...after I get a nap of course

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