Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cheer coach in training maybe?

Lets start at the beginning.....
For the last 4 years I have taught dance classes with the Community Recreation Center (click here for classes offered) in town and I have loved every minute of it. I have taught ages 3- Adult and in the styles of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop. Until recently these have been the only style of dance that I have taught. Starting last year I became a gymnastics teacher and team taught  classes ages 3-8. It was so much fun! Now keep in mind I dont know anything about gymnastics except what I have taught myself. And lets just say I can do a wicked somersault (forward roll) and some pretty dang good cartwheels. But my knowledge is very limited. But nevermind that I was asked to team teach in a gymnastics class and to my surprise the class was actually very enjoyable and I really liked teaching those crazy kids! I even learned how to do a cartwheel correctly! After teaching gym classes last year, this year I was roped into teaching a Power Cheer and Stunting Class. Now lets just say that my cheer skills have been acquired from many years of dance and are therefore subject to criticism. I know how to do the following:

Half T                   R Bow and Arrow
Full T                    L Bow and Arrow
Daggers                Hands on Hips
Candle Sticks       Cleaning  Position
Buckets                Clasp
High V                  Low Touch down
Low V                  Box    
R Check mark      Left L
L Check mark      Right L
W                        Punch
R Diagonal           R Herky Jump
L Diagonal           L Herky Jump
Goal Post             Hurdler Jump
R K                     Pike Jump
L K                     Straddle Jump

           Now you make say wow that is actually a lot of different arm movements but really.... there is so much more. I have no idea how to do any tumbling nor any stunting. But I played it off cool as a cucumber and demonstrated what I have seen on TV and in observing Cheerleading at the high school and college level! I'm very proud to say that I now know how to do a back hand spring and a standing back tuck!
 (Thanks to my dear friend Mrs. Cohlee). I also know how to do these two stunts now!

Stunt 1
Basic Cheer Stunt

150px-CheerPrepGood.jpg (150×225)

Stunt 2

Liberty Cheer Stunt
2116712065.jpg (180×240)

The girls in are class were so wonderful and I loved being able to teach them! They did a fabulous job at their recital last night and didn't even drop a stunt (that is really bad in the cheer world)! Im so glad that I got the opportunity to teach cheer this year! I got to fulfill my wildest dreams an be a Cheerleader even if it was only for a little while!
Check out the video of our cheer dance and cheer side line on YouTube. ( still to come)

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