Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Photo Canvas

I decided that I should probably hang some pictures of the Hubby and I around the house seeing as we haven taken family pictures recently and we needed to spruce up the place a little bit. I LOVE the look of canvas photos but didn't want to spend and arm an a leg to get them  done. Pinterest to the rescue! I found a wonderful  tutorial online here if your interested in looking or you can follow along here.

Things you will need:

Mod Podge (made here)
Pictures to size
Paper cutter
Paint color of choice
Wax Paper ( to keep the table clean)

Things needed

  • First measure the canvas for sizing. Unless you can remember the size of canvas you bought after you have taken off the packaging... OOPS :)
  • Cut (more like trim) the photo so that it is barely smaller then the canvas . About an 1/8"- 1/4" Enough that it will sit on top but not hang over the edge. If for some reason you are a smidgen off on your cutting don't worry you will paint over that in a latter step.

  •  You must paint the canvas and the photo with the modge podge first in order to make the picture stick to the canvas. DIY Mod Podge here
  • Place photo on canvas and center. You can kind of move the picture around to center on the canvas but be very careful because the glue will dry quickly making it very difficult to move the photo. 
  • Use a towel to press the photo down firmly to avoid finger prints and smudges on your beautiful photo.

  • Allow the photo to dry in place at least a half hour. probably closer to 15min 
  • Next cover the entire photo and canvas with a layer of mod podge. Try and keep even strokes to allow drying time to be even. 
Obviously my skills in painting glue evenly are lacking and I need some practice.

  • This drying process will take the longest amount of time. I left my first photo to dry for about an hour and it was just about dry. Make sure you hold the photo up to the light so you can see where the glue has completely dried and where it has not. 
  • Put on another couple two three coats and call it good in the glue department. 

  • Now the fun part. Painting the edges of your canvas photo. For some reason I love painting and this part was my favorite part. My first photo I painted the edges a little too far in and have more black then I wanted. But it still looks great.
  • You can either do a little sponge painting or just sweep it on whatever look you desire.
  • After painting put on another couple of layers of mod podge and your finished.
as you can see my paint is not all the way dry. allow time for your paint to dry.

These beautiful pictures are now hangin up on the wall in the master bedroom and ready for when we redecorate the master bedroom. Which is hopefully very very soon.

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