Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the Garden

Jordan and I decided to plant a garden so that's just what we did. We made some raised garden boxes and got to planting. Since this is Idaho and there are still going to be freezes we have not planted everything but so far we  do have carrots, peas and potatoes planted and they are doing very very well.

The truck filled with only half of the soil we used
Gettin them in place

Removing the grass for a better garden

Finally leveled and ready for all the dirt

garden box 2


Lots of potatoes






More Beans



So far it looks as if everything is going well. we have only had the dog run though the garden a couple times. She was heavily scolded and has not done it since. The neighborhood cat has only mad a couple ventures into the garden but pepper stopped her. ( the dog and the spice) 

Hopefully everything tastes delicious! bon appetit

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