Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I have many idiosyncrasies that some would say a quite a bother but to me they are very important. So important I feel that I should tell them to you. So here goes

1. I set the alarm 15 min early no matter what time I have to be up so that I can press the snooze button at least  once. Most times it is more then once.

2. I sleep with at least 2 blankets every night even if it is the middle of summer. On really cold nights I can be found with 5 or more blankets. Much to my husbands dismay.

3. All the clothes in my closet are turned right side out, facing the front, and color coded. Only nice shirts are hung in the closet. Any t-shirt is in a drawer in the dresser.

4. When ever I wear black with black they have to be the same shade of black.

5.When home by myself most of the lights are left on. especially when I'm in the basement.

6. The radio,TV and any other sound system volume has to be on an even number.

7.When getting into the car I have to press the unlock button at least 3 times.

8. I hate dish rags that are smelly and I will not use it if it is smelly. I will through it in the wash even if it has only been used once.

9. Anytime I walk past a cupboard that is not closed I will close it.

10. The chairs in my office have to always be straight. My desk is always clean when I leave work.

11. My kitchen table chairs are always straight and in line perfectly with the table.

12. The line across the table (where you can insert other leafs) has to be straight.

13. The silverware has to be straight and have equal distance between each piece. 

14. Because I can think of anything else right now I must add this line so that I have ended with an even number .

That is just a little bit about me and the silly things that I do. I'm sure that are many other things that drive people crazy and maybe later i will post some more.  :) 
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