Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trying but it doesn't seem to be noticed

I came home this morning wondering why do I even try. I wake up in the morning I arrive on time. I listen to what is being said. I don't think that I over step my bounds, I follow the directions that are given me yet I still get the look of death and the glare of unsatisfactory performance. "Mommy" sweeps in to take over because things do not go according to "Mommy's" plans and what she does. Why is it that when I all I want is for everyone to succeed and achieve their very best I am shut down and belittled? I have been here from the start and showed my willingness to participate and learn from the best yet at every turn there is a curve ball thrown across the plate. I was loyal for years and this is how I'm repaid?! That doesn't seem very Christ like to me. But enough about that on to bigger and better things.

So as you know Jordan has been away from training and so far every week that he has been gone wrong and broke.

Week 1
 The light in the bathroom went out only minutes after Jordan left. Seriously MINUTES?!

Week 2
The dryer after drying 3 or so loads decided it was done drying my clothes and needed a break.

Week 3
The check engine light in the truck decided to make and appearance for the world to see. Come to find out it was just a miss fire and nothing can be done about it.

Week 4
The light in the hallway went out and is still out. No more night light for Caitlyn when it is scary at night.
The check engine light appeared again for a second debut.

Week 5
And here it is day 2 of week 5 and nothing had happened (knock on wood). Granted I leave for the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant on  Thursday so we still have a little time but seriously Jordan can never leave for an extended amount of time again.! NEVER!

What a month! 
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