Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mrs. Bannock County soon to be... Mrs. Idaho

Well Saturday is the big day and I'm getting very excited. I will be competing for the title of Mrs. Idaho. I know to many pageants seem like such a silly thing and that they are a waste of time and money but I can honestly say that they are not. I'm not saying that I didn't have to spend money or find time to practice but what I am saying is that it is well worth it. Many people have asked if I am nervous but I cant really say that I am. I have doubts as to if I will compete well and measure up but I'm not afraid of  the stage. I have been on the stage for many years and I really like it! The interview as me a little up tight but who wouldn't be. I will be sitting in front of someone whom I have probably never met and they will expect me to talk and act like the next Mrs. Idaho. Now the thrill of knowing that is pretty awesome but as most people do we ALWAYS wonder if we will measure up to the past Mrs. Idaho's. But I have confidence that if I'm chosen as the next delegate for the State of Idaho I will meet expectations. I may do things a little differently and have my own little corks but, I know that I can do it. I know that I can walk out on that stage and do my very best and that I will walk with elegance and stature and provide a smile that is genuine and true. I know that I can walk into the interview looking like the queen just missing her crown. I know that no matter what happens win or lose I have a wonderful husband (and puppy that is more then willing to help me type) that love me and think the world of me. My biggest goal, aside from winning the title is to help others see what positive thinking and confidence in ones self can achieve! All it takes is one little step at a time first its complementing yourself on one thing you are proud of every day even if it is that you put your shoes on the right feet. Then it grows to looking in the mirror and saying one nice thing about your body that you actually love even if it is that silly stretch mark that looks like a lighting bolt. And finally it hits you that no matter what you are loved! Heavenly Father loves us more then we could even imagine. That is why we truly are all queens in his eyes. He knows and see our potential and we just have to take the beer goggles of and see it for ourselves as well. We all have someone in our families that love us as well. A mom, daddy, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, grandpa, HUSBAND or even the dog, cat or goldfish love us. We are all loved! We are all special children of God and we all have great potential to many great things we just have to believe in ourselves. Show ourselves who is the boss! I am in control of my life  and how I look at each day. Only me no one else!

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