Monday, November 14, 2011


So Jordan and I decided it was time for us to grow up and be on our own cell phone plan. Really it was cause our contracts were up but we decided that we were goin to get we did. So far things have been great. All I have to do is text Jordan and he comes walking in from the living room for dinner. Pretty great system right. iPhone's are pretty dang cool if I say so myself. I am typing this blog post from my phone. I have been able to put everything I need and don't need right on my phone I have an app for my to do list, my groceries, the ensign, the scriptures, blogger, pinterest, Facebook, email, find my friend which allows me to see where my friends with iPhones are and guess what I got them all for free too! The guy at the sprint store didn't think That we could get anything for free but guess what we did! So far the phone is pretty awesome and I really like it. Keep posted to see if my mind changes. Pin It