Monday, January 27, 2014

Taking Stock January

Making : hopefully a sweet treat tonight
Cooking : maybe dinner
Drinking : the good stuff Dr. Pepper

Reading: The many blogs im behind on
Wanting: My headache to go away/ cheesecake
Looking: Pretty laid back in my black petty coat 

Playing: Picture crossword on my phone
Wasting: time at work 
Wishing: it was 5:00pm 
Enjoying: my Jimmy Johns Sandwich
Waiting: for April to get here
Liking: the warmer temperatures 
Wondering: when will i find time to do the laundry
Loving: My husband and daughter

Hoping: the rest of the day goes by quickly
Marveling: at the mess a 10 month old can make in .2 seconds
Needing: 20 more hours in the day
Smelling: my cookie
Wearing:  my favorite boots
Noticing: the dirty Kleenex on my desk
Knowing: I am a daughter of God
Thinking: about how to make a friend
Feeling: tired
Bookmarking: A new blog called

Opening: all the webpages I want to look at from Pinterest 
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