Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time for a slow down

This last couple of weeks have been CrAzY!
Here are a couple updates (more to follow at a later date):

1. Jordan has had to switch shifts and that is no fun. He went to work a couple monday nights ago and slammed his finger in the door. It is pretty dang nasty! He showed me when he came home and all I could say was wow! Are you sure that you only slammed your finger in the door and you didn't drag it across the road at high speeds? There was a big chunk of sink hang on by just a little bit of under layer skin and the other side was missing the chuck of skin all together.

2. We bought a house and let me tell you that was a crazy event. Say hello to the biggest debt of your life for the next 30 years. I don't even know where we will be in the next 30 years. By then Jordan will be 55 and I will be 52. Holy cow~ that is a long time away!

3. We moved into our new house pretty much a week early. I had this great system of having all the boxes labeled and organized into what room they were supposed to go in.... well so much for all that work! Now I'm going to complain for a little bit. Please DO NOT take offense to my rantings and ravings. Since I was not avaliable to help move due to work I tried to make things really easy for those who helped move. I labeled every single box that I packed with a clear printed out label as to where the box belonged. I would love to say that those boxes made it to the correct room but that would be a great big lie! Everything was just put in rooms and  once that room was full then the next room would get boxes added to it. To make things even better all of the things that we would need to get ready for the day with and personal effects like that were just thrown in something a bag, a box, a shoe whatever was available. Now don't get me wrong I'm very grateful for all of the help and that I didn't have to hire out work but seriously... everything was labeled! Now everything was labeled because if you know me I have crazy OCD about certain things and organizing is one of them. Check out my post all about my silly corks here. But enough about that.

4. Tax Season has started so my schedule is busy busy busy. Jordan on the other hand is loving our new house.  He asked me the other day..." do you think if I put my but up against the window the father walking with his daughter and the dog will turn around and go home?" only Jordan only Jordan!

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