Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Joke is on Me

House hunting..... The biggest disappointment ever! Jordan and I have been looking a buy our first home together. We have been looking since this summer off and on. We found the first house that we liked and were going to put and offer in on it.... Our Realtor kinda sucked and needless to say someone else bought it. The second house we found was beautiful on the inside and didn't need any remodeling we were going to put an offer in on that house....we decided it was not worth it and got really suspicious of the reason behind our Realtor showing us the house.( It was listed with their company. Conflict of interest maybe?) We feel it was more for personal gain then really for us. But we decided to stay with them and give them one more chance. We found another house. It was great... except for the sagging roof and terrible foundation that our Realtor again decided not to mention.(again listed with their company) Needless to say we switched Realtor's and started looking again. Out of 7 houses we looked at there was one house that Jordan and I both liked! ( I actually loved it and this was probably the 15th house we had looked at with our new Realtor.) Well guess what hate to be the bearer of bad news but just found out it was bought! So much for that house! Man at this rate we will never find a house. Many people will probably say that we have to many expectations. I think we are very reasonable with what we want. Here is out list

House Criteria

$90,000 - $115,000
3 bedrooms at least
2 Bathrooms at least
Basement that may or may not be finished
Has to have forced air heat NO BASEBOARD heating
a good sized yard
yard could be fenced or not fenced
A garage is preferred but a car port would work too
Move in ready! 
Hardwood floors would be nice. 
Appliances included would be nice as well

Well there you have it. We would also like to live close to where we work and out of our stake that we both have grown up in. Do you think that we could find something? NO I'm getting so frustrated with finding a house. Maybe we should just give up and not even try anymore! If you have any suggestions or houses that meet our criteria please let us know! 
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