Monday, January 7, 2013

New Valentines Decor

Seeing  as I now have all this time to myself before the crazy tax season starts I decided that I wanted to decorate for Valentines Day. In putting away Christmas stuff I came across some lovely red colored tinsel.....
That has not been used in at least 5 years. Instead of throwing this magical stuff away I decided I wanted to make a cute Valentines Day Heart. As I contemplated my creative design I came up with the following:

Thats pretty cute right? I sure thought so. That is why I made two of them yesterday. 

Supplies needed:

Tinsel color of choice about 8Ft or so
Metal Hanger
Metal cutting pliers

To begin undo the hanger at the top where it is twisted together 

Next shape the wire somewhat into a heart

After this comes the hard part. You need to fashion a loop in the wire in order to connect the two sides together. You also need to cut the excess metal off. Mine looked like this: 
the loop 

After I made the loop I put the free end in the loop and tightened with the pliers it as much as I could so there would be no wiggling.
looped and tightened together

Now you have a somewhat shaped heart (mine was not very pretty) that you can manipulate to look like a heart. Make sure that you do this carefully so that you don't accidentally pull the heart apart. (I did this multiple times)  Here is the heart.

 Now is the easy part. Just wrap the tinsel around the heart being careful not to pull to tight. If you pull to tightly the tinsel will break off. I chose not to glue my tinsel to the wire but you can adhere it to the wire how ever you would like. I wrapped my hear twice because I had that much tinsel but one time around would be sufficient. 

The finished project on the mantel. I'm so excited to decorate the rest of the mantel and house for VaLeNtinEs DaY!

Don't mind the awesome Christmas printable still in the frame .....I need to get the others printed off still.
Printable holiday lettering can be found here.

Happy Crafting! Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any other valentines day projects! 

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