Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Poor Puppy

We have now had out little puppy Pepper for just a little over a year. She has had a ruff go around. She's been through quite a bit or turmoil and is still kicking and screaming ans still loves us. Here is a list of her inflicted injuries....

1. After having her for less then a half hour she was run over by a large Chevy Truck. Pepper decided the grass was greener on the other side and jumped out the window. The trip to the vet cost a lot but all was well. She only had a bruised lung. ( FYI Jordan and I were not even married at this time.)

2. While playing ball with her in the house, Jordan accidently kicked out her front tooth. She is very narotic about her ball. That is all she will focus on for hours. 

3. Pepper decided to lounge in the kitchen directly behind Jordan while he was making Ramen Noodles. In the process of trying to take the pan off the stove and her laying to close to Jordan she received a shower of boiling water. 

4. Again, while playing ball across the street towards the park, she ripped off her toe nail on one foot. We couldn't even touch her foot without her flinching an wincing in pain.

5. Taking her her on a 4-wheeler ride recently she ripped off the pad on one foot. Took small places off the rest of her pads and is walking with a limp. ( This is the second time she has ripped off pads now)

I promise you that we take care of our dog and we really do love her but she seems to keep on getting hurt. She is the most resilient dog I have ever met. She has even ate chocolate and been fine. The only time she had thown up from eating human food is when Jordan and I fed her to many pieces of Coco Puff cereal. She still loves us, which someday's is surprising considering her afflictions. She still follows Jordan around everywhere and ignores me to her best ability. Please don't turn us in. We do not I repeat DO NOT hurt our puppy on purpose. 

See we love her. We let her sleep with Jordan. Aren't they cute! 

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