Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So It is time for an update as to what has been happening for the Scow's. We spent 4th of July this year with my family.... we ended up taking down a big branch in the tree that had broken off slightly during a large wind storm. Here is how it transpired,

The branch had to be taken out by the truck. The rope came undone the first time because those boys I guess forgot how to tie a real boy scouts knot. But it finally fell.

On to the next matter of business, Jordan and I needed to tame our beast of a backyard. He was nice enough to let me use HIS gas powered weed whacker! I only jammed it like three times. I was covered in grass from head to toe! It was so disgusting but it was still quite fun.

And that is a brief update as to what has been happening to The Scow's. More to come later!
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