Sunday, June 5, 2011

Look what has happened now

So this last week has been quite eventful. My wonderful husband decided to fix the broken element in the water heater. When they say the water heater is the first thing to go out when you move somewhere they are totally right. The water temperature here has been less then desirable but it has sufficed for the last 11 months or so. Jordan was a wonderful husband and got all the tools he need to get the job done and did. Well in the process of fixing the water heater he had to shut off the main water to the house.... well the spicket broke. We had no water in our house for a good 5 or so hours. We call our land lord and have him come up and fix it for us. Well he fixed it so that we had water but we also had a pretty big leak. He said oh usually they just fix themselves so just leave the leak alone and it will be fine. In the mean time the water was everywhere in the laundry room. Every time that you would step on the floor water would seep up through the tiles. You may say now that is pretty bad but Jordan fixed it the next day and now we only have a minor leak that it not threatening to flood the laundry room. So those purchasing a house in the future remember that your water heater is going to go out shortly after you move in and you will need to replace it.

The Fixed Element

The Broken Spicket
Jordan Working
Trying to fix the leak
The finished Product with a minor leak

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